• Save time, increase accuracy, and improve team collaboration with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 13

    We are pleased to announce that ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 13 is available!

    Save time with the latest capabilities!

    • Easily create April tags for automatic geo-registration of ground control points when you capture data using a drone. Create tags in ContextCapture Master and use these tags during the drone flight. Your reality data is automatically georeferenced during data processing, with no requirement…
    • Fri, Jul 5 2019


    We are pleased to announce that the issue has been solved on 6/6/19.
    You can update your CONNECT Client to v.

    Latest release of Connection Client v. onboards a bug that turns ContextCapture licensing status in "Non-commercial", resulting in watermarked…
    • Tue, Jun 4 2019
  • Parallel processing available in ContextCapture CONNECT Edition

    Meet your most demanding deadlines with dramatically reduced processing time!

    With ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 12, users can leverage parallel computing to speed the production of their 3D reality meshes.

    Create your processing farm by connecting two ContextCapture desktop licenses.

    Cut your processing time in half and meet your most demanding deadlines!

    Learn how to leverage parallel computing power.

    • Mon, May 20 2019
  • Reality Modeling Cloud Service Update - ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console Update 5

    We are pleased to announce the availability of ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console - Update 5

    ​Easily generate high-fidelity 3D reality meshes using simple photos and/or point clouds with Bentley’s ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console application. And experience the processing power of ContextCapture with our cloud-based multi-engine cloud processing service to create 3D models of any size and scale.  


    • Thu, May 2 2019
  • ContextCapture Insights Early Access Program (EAP)

    Are you a ContextCapture user looking to optimize your workflows and save time?

    Join Bentley's Reality Modeling EAP for a customized experience where you can use your own reality data to test drive new and emerging technologies.

    We are seeking ContextCapture users interested in ContextCapture Insights, a reality modeling solution that automatically detects and locates objects using 3D machine-learning technology…

    • Wed, Feb 27 2019
  • Save time and access valuable data with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 12

    Better understand and easily extract information from your 3D reality meshes with ContextCapture’s new capabilities.

    Splat Display Mode

    ContextCapture’s new Splat display mode provides faster insight into reality modeling projects. Immediately after aerotriangulation, users can take advantage of this new 3D-view to reliably perform measurements and quality assessment.

    Photo Navigation

    Quickly and efficiently…

    • Wed, Feb 20 2019
  • Analyze and Extract Valuable Reality Data with Descartes CONNECT Edition - Update 4

    Improve the efficiency of your workflows with the latest update of Descartes!

    More Flexibility in Descartes CONNECT Edition – Update 4

    • Better display of 3D reality meshes with the new “forward” and “backward” Clip Volume settings in the Section tools
    • Ability to display point clouds in cross-section views using only a Cut Plane with new Tolerance setting

    Better performance and usability…

    • Thu, Dec 13 2018
  • Explore and analyze 3D reality meshes with ContextCapture Viewer

    Get the most out of your 3D reality meshes!

    With ContextCapture Viewer, you can better understand and explore your 3D models using a variety of display modes including texture, hillshade and wireframe.

    Get valuable information when you analyze your 3D model to extract measurements including surface areas and volumes with the unit system of your choice.

    Present your projects in an interactive and visualizing way and create…

    • Tue, Oct 16 2018
  • Generate 3D Meshes with the Latest ContextCapture Console and Mobile Applications

    Creating 3D reality models from the field or the office is now easier than ever!

    You can work more efficiently with an enhanced user-friendly interface in the ContextCapture Console and ContextCapture Mobile applications. 

    Take advantage of the latest performance optimizations including thumbnail display and upload steps in ContextCapture Console.

    With the new Surveys-tab, you can better view your 3D model and accelerate…

    • Tue, Oct 16 2018
  • Save time and increase accuracy with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 10

     Speed up your workflow and increase the accuracy of your 3D models when you leverage the latest capabilities of ContextCapture to your reality modeling workflows.

    • Surveys Window
      You can speed up the import and registration of survey points with the new surveys window feature enabling zoom view, multi-registration, and vertical image sorting to easily identify the most relevant images for ground control points registration…
    • Tue, Jul 31 2018
  • Streamline your project workflows with Reality Modeling Cloud Service

    The latest updates to the Reality Modeling Cloud Service applications enable users to tackle more complex projects and offer more options to manage and consume reality modeling data.

    ContextCapture Console

    • Speed up the import and registration of survey points with the new surveys window feature enabling vertical image sorting to easily identify the most relevant images for ground control points registration.
    • Handle…
    • Tue, Jun 26 2018
  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 9

    Easily handle water surfaces in your 3D model
    With the surface constraints feature, you can create high quality 3D reality meshes on water areas and other challenging surfaces.

    Deliver the exact spatial area you need for your projects
    Quickly define your 3D model boundary regions and remove artifacts with the new polygon clipping feature.

    Export and analyze 3D models in the new ContextCapture Web Viewer 2.0
    Share your 3D…

    • Tue, Apr 24 2018
  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 8 and ContextCapture Editor – Update 2

    Improve your asset acquisitions and generate 3D models faster with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 8

    With the updated quality report in ContextCapture, you can quantify the accuracy of your work and better aligns it with RFP compliances. For planning of future capture missions, the report helps highlighting areas where you can increase the precision of your 3D model . Additionally, the recent update allows…

    • Tue, Feb 20 2018
  • Reality Modeling Cloud Service Update

    We are pleased to announce the availability of two new data centers located in Europe and Southeast Asia with a total of three including the one in North America.  With additional data centers, it will improve the upload and streaming speed of reality modeling data for users.

    Additionally, users can take advantage of faster processing and reconstruction of their reality meshes thanks to the support of parallel processing…

    • Tue, Nov 21 2017
  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 7

    We are pleased to announce the release of ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 7.

    This update includes a more robust and parallelized aerotriangulation and faster multi-GPU support for users to generate 3D reality meshes of virtually any size or precision up to 30% faster than previously possible.

    Additionally, users can now easily split large blocks before aerotriangulation with the new extract block mode…

    • Tue, Oct 24 2017
  • Create 3D models with simple photos using the latest cloud technology

    Creating 3D models with simple photos has become easier and more accessible for your project teams with Bentley System’s Reality Modeling cloud services.

    Quickly generate 3D engineering ready reality meshes whether you are on a job site or in the office with ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service. 

    ContextCapture cloud processing service
    enables you to upload your photos and quickly generate 3D engineering-ready…

    • Wed, Sep 13 2017
  • New update releases for ContextCapture and ContextCapture Editor are now available

    We are pleased to announce the release of ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 6 and its module, ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition – Update 1.

    ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 6


    With the update, ContextCapture enables the production of 3D Resolution Map that associate resolution to any 3D location on your model. This 3D quality control and reporting tool streamlines the analysis of project…

    • Tue, Aug 22 2017
  • Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition - Update 2 is now available

    We are pleased to announce the release of Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition - Update 2 to provide you with robust capabilities to make the most of your reality modeling data.

    Scalable Mesh Format
    Scalable mesh technology enables multi-resolution inputs through the new (.3sm) format. With the Bentley Descartes update, you can convert a reality mesh (.3mx) to the new scalable mesh format, attach, and display it in MicroStation…

    • Mon, Aug 14 2017
  • Leverage reality meshes, terrain models, and point clouds in your workflows with ContextCapture Editor

    Interested in editing your Reality Modeling data using ContextCapture?

    ContextCapture Editor, a 3D CAD based on PowerDraft, allows you to leverage reality meshes, terrain models, and point clouds made of billions of points and triangles for use in information modeling workflows.

    Take advantage of ContextCapture Editor, a module included with ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center.

    This powerful application can be used…

    • Mon, Jun 19 2017
  • Join Bentley at AIA Conference 2017! Anticipate Design and Analysis: Explore the Unimaginable

    2017 AIA CONFERENCE – APRIL 27-29, 2017

    From April 27-29, Bentley will be at booth #3409 at the 2017 AIA Conference in Orlando.  The AIA Conference is one of the architecture and design events of the year. The conference will be held at Florida Orange County Convention Center and consists of three days of education, networking, and innovation from some of the industry-leading architects, firms, and building product…

    • Wed, Apr 19 2017
  • After Hours Event - Accelerate Projects with Digital Transformation

    While today’s projects emphasize agility and responsiveness, many of you are sacrificing control for the sake of speed. Engineers can spend up to 40% of their time searching for and validating documents.

    Join Bentley experts for a discussion on how you can begin your digital project delivery transformation, with the help of connected data environments. Learn how to improve project workflows to deliver the best…

    • Mon, Feb 27 2017
  • Are we there yet? How technology is closing the “smart city” gap

    Entire cities can be modeled quickly and cost-effectively

    written by Aidan Mercer, Global Marketing Director Government and Utilities at Bentley Systems

    It’s hard to talk infrastructure without hearing the terms “smart cities” or smarter processes. These terms are spurious at best. What we do know is that infrastructure in general is going through a transformative change to incorporate a multitude of new software, processes, mega trends and advancements that are collectively…

    • Tue, Sep 13 2016
  • materials problem in lumenrt

    while using lumenrt. I was giving materials to objects (building)

    and when I toggle off all the layers the materials was still visible.

    As you can see the attach file.

    how can I fix this one.

    • Wed, Aug 24 2016
  • ENR Report: Reality Capture Technology Aids Brownfield Redevelopment Planning

    I think you'll enjoy this article in ENR by Tom Sawyer on how Cedarville Engineering leveraged drone usage and ContextCapture to dramatically reduce the cost of surveying a former industrial site in Coatesville, PA.  They were able to further the city's efforts to encourage the industrial site's cost-effective re-use and economic development.  Reality modeling is helping to make a real difference by reducing…

    • Fri, Jul 29 2016
  • I Think 3D Therefore I am

    When it comes to sustaining the world’s infrastructure, where would we be without software? Where would we be without hardware vendors? What would have happened to infrastructure if we didn’t have digitization and progress through computers? I’m not trying to be entirely philosophical, and it is hardly cogito ergo sum but it is an interesting thought. World population in 1950 was 2,556 billion and by…

    • Thu, Mar 31 2016