• Coffee Corner: Getting Started with iTwin Capture Manage & Extract

    Join us in this session which we will present iTwin Capture Manage & Extract, the all-in-one most powerful application to Manage Reality Data & GIS Resources and Extract features and assets focusing on the use of mapping data.

    We will walk you through the following topics:

    - Overview of the migration path from Orbit solutions to iTwin Capture Manage and Extract 23.07 (concepts, users, licenses)

    - iTwin Capture…

  • Coffee Corner: Getting started with iTwin Capture Cloud

    You requested it, here it is!

    Join us in this session which will provide an overview of iTwin Capture Cloud services and how to process your first dataset within the iTwin Capture Console.

    After this session you will have clear insight into the features available within iTwin Capture Console such as:

    • setting your permissions
    • creating a project
    • importing your data
    • first aerotriangulation
    • first reconstruction
    • managing…
  • Introducing iTwin Capture!

    We are pleased to announce the availability of iTwin Capture! iTwin Capture offers the highest fidelity and most versatile means of capturing reality to serve as the digital context for design, engineering, construction, and operations workflows.

    Courtesy of Alabama DOT

    iTwin Capture enables you to continuously synchronize your digital twin with up-to-date real-world conditions and valuable insights extracted from a variety…

  • Coffee Corner: Limitless Reality Modeling with Bentley Descartes

    Join us on June 22, 2023 at 11am EDT to learn how Bentley Descartes’ dedicated environment for reality modeling beats out other, more frustrating software with slow data-processing and federated structure. Our experts Neha Dendukuri  and Eduardo Mendonça will explain how Bentley Descartes allows users to optimize integration and processing of reality modeling data for use in information modeling workflows, with a…

  • Importing Georeferenced data (DEMs, Point Clouds, ...) and computing TMs, STMs, 3SMs in Georeferenced DGNs - ISSUE and WORKAROUND

    There is an issue affecting referencing/importing georeferenced data (Point Clouds, Digital Elevation Models in any format).

    If the source data and the DGN file have a coordinate system (it may be the same) then elevations will be wrong.
    Depending on the data/use case, the offset may be large or less detectable.

    Please see here for full article

    Best Regards

  • ContextCapture is now iTwin Capture Modeler

     Learn more about iTwin Capture Modeler  


    ContextCapture 2023

    Deliver faster, enhance your reality data and start your terrain layer creation in ContextCapture


    Get your deliverables much faster

    ContextCapture 2023 optimizes the usage of your hardware to process your data quicker and enable faster deliveries.

    Reconstruction is 25% faster…

  • Reality Data Web Viewer - November 2022 Release

    We are pleased to announce a new release of the Reality Data Web Viewer! The Reality Data Web Viewer is a « Powered by iTwin » web application for Mapping & Surveying professionals. It allows you to visualize, compare and measure the Reality Modeling deliverables you create independently from Engineering and Operations models before handing them over to those teams.

    What's new in this release?

    The following…

  • Reality Data Web Viewer - August 2022 Release


    The following improvements have been made to Annotations:

    • Search bar to filter annotations by Name, Condition or Description.
    • Annotation icons in the Annotation widget’s list are now colored.
    • Annotations can now be copied or moved to different Reality Data.


    4D Navigation

    The following improvements have been made to the 4D Navigation:

    • The thickness of the 4D Navigation timeline has been increased…
  • Reality Data Web Viewer - June 2022 Release

    Annotations Color

    It is now possible to customize the color of Annotation pins and boxes, making it easier to visually interpret an annotation’s meaning without having to look at their properties. For example, color codes can be implemented to represent an object’s type or a defect’s severity.

    Map Layers

    The functionality to display Bing Maps as a background map has been moved from the Reality Data…

  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20

    ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20


    Improve the quality of your deliverables, better monitor your job progress, and enjoy several user interface improvements for a better usability with ContextCapture Update 20.


    ContextCapture input data limitations have been removed. Work at any scale with ContextCapture Edition ! (version

    • ContextCapture projects are no longer limited to 300Gpix of input photos…
  • ProjectWise ContextShare Portal - April 2022 Release

    Streamline association of Reality Data to Projects Browse existing Reality Data and manage their associations in a few clicks without leaving your project. For more details, visit the following wiki page: Share Reality Data with Project Team Members...
  • Orbit 3DM Import and Upload Tool

    Free desktop application to import, optimize for web streaming, upload or download reality data in ProjectWise ContextShare or Orbit 3DM Cloud.

  • Reality Data Web Viewer - 4D Navigation

    Using a simple timeline, leverage temporal queries to select Reality Data to visualize based on their acquisition dates.

  • Reality Data Web Viewer - Visual Comparison

    Open multiple viewports in order to easily display and compare different Reality Data side-by-side. You can optionally synchronize the display of viewports, making it easy to identify differences between two models.

  • Reality Data Web Viewer - Photo Navigation

    Visualize oriented photos in context with 3D models to remotely identify defects and structure deficiencies. Thus, virtually documenting an Asset’s condition.

  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 19

    Improve the quality of your deliverables, visualize your ContextInsights annotations and simplify your workflows with Update 19 job revamp.


    Leverage the integrated orthophoto touchup tools to improve your orthophoto delivery

    • Fix artifacts created by moving objects (e.g., cars) by locally modifying the image contribution
    • Fix DSM related artifacts (e.g., building edges) by locally adjusting the projection method
    • Fix more…
  • Orbit 3DM solutions - New version 21.4

    We're pleased to announce the full Orbit 3DM product portfolio release of version 21.4.

    This new version includes improvements of existing features and new tools and extensions to:

    • Improve the navigation in the software and though the data
    • Ease the management of different mapping resources
    • Update our supported formats

      Support for a statewide linear referencing system, Copyright HERE
    •  Orbit 3DM Content Manager 
      • Im…
  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 18

    Improve the accuracy of your reality meshes, optimize your workflow, and save time with ContextInsights detection capabilities!

    Improve the accuracy of your reality meshes and enjoy an improved user experience

    • Leverage the new aerotriangulation engine offering a single aerotriangulation engine for all your projects. Get better aerotriangulation results for critical configurations such as telecom towers, corridors, etc…
  • Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 21.1

    We're pleased to announce the full Orbit 3DM product portfolio release of version 21.1.

    A lot of new features and improvements raise the Orbit 3DM products to a next level, ready to challenge 2021 requirements and expectations for managing, extraction features, and web sharing of reality data resources.

    •  Orbit 3DM Content Manager

    Automated data imports, newly supported formats, workflows to directly import image…

  • Accelerate Quick start for ContextCapture Live Training Available

    Hello , I will be teaching a LIVE class on quick-start essentials for ContextCapture Oct 21-22

    All interested sign up using the this link https://learn.bentley.com/app/Public/ViewLearningPathDetails?lpId=115785 .. You will need to log in to your account to sign up..

    I am looking forward to answering your questions!

  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 17

    Save time, gain in robustness, improve collaboration and reduce operation costs with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 17 for Windows and Linux

    Save time and gain in robustness when preparing and processing your data

    - Do more with your licenses and speed the delivery of your projects thanks to the reconstruction pipeline optimization leading to a 25% gain in processing speed (Up to 40% for telecommunication tower…

  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 16

    Improve the accuracy of your 3D reality meshes and directly export them to other applications with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 16.

    Quickly clean-up your 3D reality mesh using touch-up tools

    • Take advantage of quality-control and individually tag your tiles of interest for touch-up.
    • Benefit from a variety of mesh selection modes such as rectangular, lasso, or a smart selection tool to touch-up targeted mesh-facets…
  • Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 20.6

    We're pleased to announce the release of version 20.6 of Orbit 3DM Publisher and Cloud solutions.

    Save time with pre-defined settings in the 3DM viewer interface

    • Save time and optimize your workflow with pre-defined settings. Set up to 5 quick access settings per publication directly available in the 3DM Viewer left sidebar.

    Streamline your workflow as an administrator

    • Take advantage of new features that ease…
  • Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 20.5

    We're pleased to announce the release of version 20.5 of Orbit 3DM Publisher and Cloud solutions.

    Take advantage of a user-friendly and intuitive 3DM Viewer interface

    • Get easier access and better visualization of your 3D mapping content with a condensed and re-looked interface enabling to quickly open new views and view available options.

      Save time with tooltips guiding you through the different options and functionalities…

  • Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 20.4

    We're please to announce the release 20.4 of Orbit 3D Mapping solutions.

    Take advantage of a simplified, user-friendly desktop interface

    • Easily measure in 2D or 3D in any map, tab, or view using the measurement sidebar or when using the asset inventory procedures.
    • Enjoy an intuitive and intelligible interface requiring less interaction when using the 3DM Viewer.


    Save time and improve your feature extraction…