• Featured LEARN Courses: Pointools

    Bentley Pointools provides imaging professionals with software capable of:

    • Fast level-of-detail layer-based editing and segmentation of data
    • High-performance point-cloud engine with level-of-detail management

    • Re-using the Pointools.POD file format across Bentley solutions and platforms

    • Generating professional-quality images, animations, and movies

    • Identifying clashes and differences between objects

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  • Featured LEARN Course: Working with Raster Data and Image Processing

    Attention Bentley Descartes users! Our training course, “Working with Raster Data and Image Processing” will teach you how to incorporate raster data within your design project to provide a richer environment for use in your workflows. Learn how to attach aerial photos as background references and resize images to fit design project geometry, analyze imagery, and geo-coordinate imagery.

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