• I Think 3D Therefore I am

    When it comes to sustaining the world’s infrastructure, where would we be without software? Where would we be without hardware vendors? What would have happened to infrastructure if we didn’t have digitization and progress through computers? I’m not trying to be entirely philosophical, and it is hardly cogito ergo sum but it is an interesting thought. World population in 1950 was 2,556 billion and by…

  • Gaming for Success

    Lightweight Geospatial Intelligence

    Day two of GeoSmart India 2016 began with the kick-off of Geo Intelligence Asia, a separate event housed within the same facility as GeoSmart. Geo Intelligence focuses on the military and defense sectors with multiple speakers from all walks of life, including ex-army commanders, scientific advisors and state governors alike. The morning keynote was given by Lt. General Nirbhay Sharma…

  • The Importance of "geo-coordination" with Reality Modeling

    Is it me or do flip phones look dated?

    The GeoSmart India Conference 1-3 March 2016 has begun in earnest. In this vast exhibition hall in the outskirts of Delhi, Greater Noida, we’ve heard from some interesting speakers and Geospatial Media should be recognized for their ability to create a sense of community during such transitional times in India. The keynote addresses are focused on common themes and objectives. After…

  • GeoSmart India, 2016 (Day One )

    Aidan Mercer's blog post captures the insights and information exchange which took place on Day One of GeoSmart India Conference.

    Here you will find the snapshot of the posts which were streaming across the twitter world :

    For latest updates from the conference , follow #GeoSmartIndia and #BentleyIndia hashtag