• Explore and analyze 3D reality meshes with ContextCapture Viewer

    Get the most out of your 3D reality meshes!

    With ContextCapture Viewer, you can better understand and explore your 3D models using a variety of display modes including texture, hillshade and wireframe.

    Get valuable information when you analyze your 3D model to extract measurements including surface areas and volumes with the unit system of your choice.

    Present your projects in an interactive and visualizing way and create…

  • Generate 3D Meshes with the Latest ContextCapture Console and Mobile Applications

    Creating 3D reality models from the field or the office is now easier than ever!

    You can work more efficiently with an enhanced user-friendly interface in the ContextCapture Console and ContextCapture Mobile applications. 

    Take advantage of the latest performance optimizations including thumbnail display and upload steps in ContextCapture Console.

    With the new Surveys-tab, you can better view your 3D model and accelerate…