• ContextCapture Mobile - Update 7

    Enjoy an improved user experience and easily consume your reality data!

    • ContextCapture Mobile is now available as 64bit Android and Apple applications.

    • Take advantage of the new 30-day trial, automatically accessible to all Bentley users.

    • Easily consume your reality data in various applications with new export formats (OBJ and FBX).

    • Know at a glance if you’re in trial mode from the display of a pop-up and the header…
  • ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console – Update 7

    Enjoy an improved user experience and streamline your inspection workflow!

    • Take advantage of a revamped interface and provide more information and clarity in job submissions
    • Streamline your operations and decrease inspection costs with the automatic upload of orientation files for photo navigation in a reality data web viewer. Perform simultaneous navigation and viewing of 2D images and a 3D reality mesh with an “on…