• Reality Data Web Viewer - June 2022 Release

    Annotations Color

    It is now possible to customize the color of Annotation pins and boxes, making it easier to visually interpret an annotation’s meaning without having to look at their properties. For example, color codes can be implemented to represent an object’s type or a defect’s severity.

    Map Layers

    The functionality to display Bing Maps as a background map has been moved from the Reality Data…

  • ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20

    ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20


    Improve the quality of your deliverables, better monitor your job progress, and enjoy several user interface improvements for a better usability with ContextCapture Update 20.


    ContextCapture input data limitations have been removed. Work at any scale with ContextCapture Edition ! (version

    • ContextCapture projects are no longer limited to 300Gpix of input photos…