Bentley Descartes Update 6 and ContextCapture Editor Update 5

We are pleased to announce the availability of Bentley Descartes Update 6 and ContextCapture Editor Update 5

Quickly and easily manipulate reality meshes of any scale with this advanced processing tool for reality modeling data.

Improve your reality modeling experience 

  • More flexibility for clipping your reality meshes 
    Benefit from a user-friendly interface to select β€‹an area of interest with the new Technology Preview scalable mesh clip tool. Dynamically select the area of your choice or use an existing design element as clipping shape and start working and navigating on your area of interest.​ Watch tutorial video.

  • Enhance extracted terrain scalable meshes
    Enhance your extracted terrain scalable mesh by adding new features such as breaklines or images for draping. 

  • Access free data sources indexed in GeoCoordination Service to generate terrain scalable meshes
    Use the GeoCoordination Service Technology Preview to search if there is any data available on your area of interest, download it automatically and generate a new terrain scalable mesh​​. Watch tutorial video.

  • Extract information from your reality meshes
    With the reality modeling properties, know the nature of the geometry (terrain or 3D context) and the geographic coordinate system of the attached reality meshes.