Bentley Pointools - online learning and social media

I'd like to use this blog post to share some links to valuable resources for all things Pointools.

Bentley Pointools V8i will soon be with us, but currently we still sell Pointools Edit.  As such some of the material you will come across was made using Edit.  This does not mean that it is out of date,  just that the interface is different.  Anything based on Edit will be phased out in time, but this may take some months.

You've obviously found our home here on Be:Communities which offers us a Blog, Forum and Wiki all devoted to '3D Imaging and Point Cloud Software' which supercedes the old Pointools User Forum, and will act as a knowledgebase for support queries and 'how to..' articles.

We also have a twitter account @pointools

A wordpress blog 

a YouTube channel

a Youku channel for those of you who cannot access YouTube 

I will also add a link to the Bentley Learn Server where you can access the latest training material and tutorial movies when we get some content up there.