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ContextCapture 2023

Deliver faster, enhance your reality data and start your terrain layer creation in ContextCapture


Get your deliverables much faster

ContextCapture 2023 optimizes the usage of your hardware to process your data quicker and enable faster deliveries.

Reconstruction is 25% faster than ContextCapture Update 20 on average. 

Optimize your calibration step with a new aerotriangulation adjust mode which allows you to avoid full images poses computation and get a better calibration results 3 times faster, even if input photo positions and orientations are not very accurate.


Start your ground extraction from ContextCapture  with a new interface (Tech preview feature)

Generate a classified point cloud from your reality mesh or point cloud productions. Use ContextCapture Editor, Microstation or other third-party applications to generate your terrain model from the classified point cloud.

 Automatic ground extraction

Credits : dataset courtesy of Wingtra AG

Ground extraction video tutorial : 

Extract Insights from your reality data (Tech preview feature)

 New software architecture to better support your reality data analysis workflows.

  • Automate defects and crack detection of your infrastructure
  • Detect objects in 2D or 3D in your image collections
  • Classify or Anonymize your reality data

Credits : dataset courtesy of West Virginia DoT

And more ..

  • Add parallel projection camera option in the 3D view.
  • New tools and keyboard shortcuts to improve GCP marking speed. Setting to automatically go to next photo in sequence.
  • User interface now supports 4K screen.
  • Job Queue database clean up tool.

See the changelog for complete list.