ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 15

Save time and improve the accuracy of your 3D reality meshes with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 15.

Improve the accuracy of your 3D reality meshes and orthophotos!

  • Get high-quality orthophotos with sharp geometry and visualization of thin elements
  • Combine both GPS tags and GCPs at aerotriangulation stage to get high-fidelity 3D reality meshes (Learn more)
  • Easily correct tie points in the 3D view right after aerotriangulation for a better reconstruction
  • Take advantage of the automatic detection and filling of water areas for a higher quality 3D reality mesh

Speed the quality control of your data!

Quickly understand your 3D-scene immediately after aerotriangulation using the display of quality report metrics in the new 3D view. Among various analysis:

  • Quickly identify acquisition weaknesses using connection graph
  • Easily check resolution of each point with the resolution map
  • Easily control alignment by overlaying full resolution photos on your data

Save time with automation!

Take advantage of ContextCapture Insights to automatically detect and locate objects in your scene using machine-learning technology.

  • Streamline your inspection workflow by automatically detecting regions in 2D images
  • Achieve a smoother workflow with the vectorization of automatically detected regions in OBJ format
  • Save processing time with the detection of assets in 2D images and the reprojection of the boxes in 3D onto the point cloud without any image alignment.

And take advantage of the SDK availability in ContextCapture to automate your processing!

Watch ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 15 video

Tutorial videos:

  1. New 3D Metrics View and Selection Modes
  2. New 2.5D Orthophoto Generation
  3. New Positioning Mode
  4. Automatic Surface Constraints