ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 16

Improve the accuracy of your 3D reality meshes and directly export them to other applications with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 16.

Quickly clean-up your 3D reality mesh using touch-up tools

  • Take advantage of quality-control and individually tag your tiles of interest for touch-up.
  • Benefit from a variety of mesh selection modes such as rectangular, lasso, or a smart selection tool to touch-up targeted mesh-facets.
  • Enjoy automatic touch-up tools to remove small objects or fill holes.

Improve the quality and processing speed of your 3D reality mesh using latest engine optimizations

  • Get highly accurate 3D reality meshes with the new aerotriangulation that supports imagery alignment on most challenging scenes and reduces stitching errors.
  • Don't miss any thin elements of your scene with the 3D reconstruction improvements.
  • Accelerate the mesh production by around 20% compared to previous version.

Export reality data straight to Orbit 3DM and OpenCities Planner

  • Export reality data as a single run to drag & drop in Orbit 3DM to better manage, share and analyze your reality data. Learn more about Orbit 3DM.
  • Create 3D reality mesh fully interoperable with OpenCities Planner to better communicate and plan your projects. Learn more about OpenCities Planner.

Watch ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 16 video

Tutorial videos:

  1. Retouching – Part1
  2. Retouching – Part2
  3. Retouching – Part3
  4. Aerotriangulation – Alternate Engine
  5. Export to Orbit 3DM