ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 17

Save time, gain in robustness, improve collaboration and reduce operation costs with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 17 for Windows and Linux

Save time and gain in robustness when preparing and processing your data

- Do more with your licenses and speed the delivery of your projects thanks to the reconstruction pipeline optimization leading to a 25% gain in processing speed (Up to 40% for telecommunication tower datasets).

- Save time and effort in your quick geo-referencing workflows by using only one ground control point to geo-reference your scene.

- Leverage RIG camera systems more efficiently, even when the cameras are not perfectly synchronized, for optimal aerotriangulation results.

- Take advantage of the new JobQueue monitoring API enabled by the upgrade of the JobQueue architecture from an XML file system to a database.

- Gain in robustness during the reconstruction process thanks to the vastly improved RAM estimation. Your most demanding projects (telecom towers, processing plants, etc.) are covered.

Improve collaboration and reduce operation costs

- Reduce your operation costs and make your processing farm more robust using ContextCapture engine on Linux instances in the cloud or on premise.

- Improve collaboration and save time when multiple site users work on the same project using ContextShare. Easily track and map the location of data and its copies and streamline the management of relative vs absolute paths.