ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 18

Improve the accuracy of your reality meshes, optimize your workflow, and save time with ContextInsights detection capabilities!

Improve the accuracy of your reality meshes and enjoy an improved user experience

  • Leverage the new aerotriangulation engine offering a single aerotriangulation engine for all your projects. Get better aerotriangulation results for critical configurations such as telecom towers, corridors, etc.
  • Better manage your projects with the job priority management tool and prioritize your jobs using 5 different levels.
  • Improve your workflow by directly importing your reality mesh in SuperMap GIS software using the new SuperMap S3M export format.
  • Take advantage of several user interface improvements that allows to facilitate QA and survey points management.
    • Display in the 3D view of the survey points names and scan names
    • New icon to differentiate control points and tie points in the survey tab

Optimize your workflow and save time with ContextInsights detection capabilities*

ContextCapture takes advantage of AI-technology to aggregate intelligence to current deliverables. With ContextInsights, automate your process and cost-effectively replicate the analysis of your reality data as often as necessary.​

  • Save time with detection capabilities and enjoy our detector library fitting various applications to locate objects or regions of interest in your scene.
  • Speed-up digitization work by automatically generating classified point clouds and individual regular objects to serve asset inventory.
  • Save time and money by generating thematic shapefile overlaying usual RGB orthophotos and representing ground occupation.

*Available for licenses under SELECT agreement and for all subscriptions

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