ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 19

Improve the quality of your deliverables, visualize your ContextInsights annotations and simplify your workflows with Update 19 job revamp.


Leverage the integrated orthophoto touchup tools to improve your orthophoto delivery

  • Fix artifacts created by moving objects (e.g., cars) by locally modifying the image contribution
  • Fix DSM related artifacts (e.g., building edges) by locally adjusting the projection method
  • Fix more complex issues with the orthophoto retouch workflow using third-party applications


                                                                                                                                           Dataset courtesy of Wingtra AG

Visualize ContextInsights annotation results within the ContextCapture 3D view

  • Instant review of 3D segmentation jobs by displaying the output classified point clouds and class filtering enabled.
  • Display segmented orthophotos for visual assessment of the detection quality (e.g., roof detection).


Benefit from improved topology of building footprints automatically extracted from an annotation job

  • Retrieve more accurate extraction of building footprints
  • Enjoy lighter deliverables


Enjoy simpler workflows thanks to ContextCapture’s new job architecture

  • Produce merged ortho-mosaic and merged point cloud exports from a single click.
  • Take advantage of the integrated LOD across-tiles generation setting to produce meshes that are optimized for improved streaming performance and web-viewing.
  • Benefit from an improved interface response when submitting, updating or cancelling large productions.
  • Monitor the progress of the reconstruction and complete QA thanks to the improved reference model that is now displayable in a 3D view.

                                                                                                                                         Dataset courtesy of Wingtra AG

Improve visual quality with texture replacement on water constraints

  • Apply any custom texture on water when original photos are too different, due to high reflectivity of water surfaces
  • Or apply a uniform color


And much more …

  • Point cloud export in Orbit native format (OPC).
  • Simplified Aerotriangulation wizard.
  • “Copy to clipboard” function in the measurement tool.
  • See ContextCapture changelog for complete list of improvements and bug fixes