ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20

ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 20


Improve the quality of your deliverables, better monitor your job progress, and enjoy several user interface improvements for a better usability with ContextCapture Update 20.


ContextCapture input data limitations have been removed. Work at any scale with ContextCapture Edition ! (version

  • ContextCapture projects are no longer limited to 300Gpix of input photos and 3Tb of input point cloud points.
  • ContextCapture Center projects can now be openned with ContextCapture.

Customize the aerotriangulation registration to make the most of your input metadata

  • Your scene position, rotation and scale can be individually adjusted against various metadata.
  • For example, Use (a) scale(s) constraint(s) to perfectly scale your scene, while maintaining the georeferencing.
  • For example, use a control point to perfectly position your scene while adjusting the scale and orientation based on the RTK position of your drone.

Better monitoring of job progress

  • User has a better overview of what is currently processing.
  • The production details now display the running tasks, the hostname, and the task duration.
  • This “milestones and running tasks” view is now also available for Aerotriangulation jobs.


Improve texture quality with the new AI-based color adjustment of input photos.

  • AI algorithm that adjusts the input images to have more uniform colors and exposures.
  • Improve quality of texture especially when input photos are coming with many different exposures.


Improve inspection workflows with new AI-jobs

  • Improved defect management with new 3Dlines job-type
  • Enhanced detection and export of defects (cracks) as individual vector elements
  • Automatic defect measurements

Enjoy a revamped user interface

  • The spatial framework tab has been improved to include the new 3D view framework, enabling all the 3D view tools (Measurements, Photo-navigation, lock-on photo, etc.)
  • A new polygon drawing tool to create custom region of interest directly in the 3D view.
  • An overall user interface refresh for a more pleasant experience while using the product.



Solve your issues efficiently with improved error feedback

  • Improved error feedback architecture to provide user-oriented messages in case of failures, with issue resolution advice when relevant.
  • New Error feedback user interface with additional information displayed.


And much more …

  • Export and import reconstruction parameters
  • Clear metadata / clear pose / set pose of photos now available directly in the 3D view from a right click on the photo thumbnails
  • Support of UNICODE character in project path and file names.
  • ESRI i3s version: now producing version 1.8, also compatible with applications supporting version 1.6.
  • Improved spatial reference system recommendations when producing Bentley formats to be consumed in other Bentley applications. (3SM, 3MX, DGN, POD).
  • Local cartesian SRS in Foot and Foot US added in the spatial reference system database.
  • Addition of HS2_Grid_2015 (EPSG:9300) and HS2_Grid_2002 (EPSG:9301) in the spatial reference system database
  • Addition of HS2-VRF vertical grid (EPSG:9303)
  • SDK: add function to export quality report and acquisition report in HTML format
  • SDK: new option to preserve photo IDs when importing a block.

New in ContextCapture Update 20.1

  • Aerotriangulation: trust more input metadata when available
  • Aerotriangulation: low-level preset “Maximum position metadata confidence.cfg” to help with difficult linear projects when PPK or RTK positions are available.
  • SDK: update ContextCapture SDK with Python 3.9 (Python is no longer installed with ContextCapture. Python distribution must be installed by the user).
  • SDK: add option to define Region Of Interest of LoD generation standalone jobs.
  • Bug fixes