ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 8 and ContextCapture Editor – Update 2

Improve your asset acquisitions and generate 3D models faster with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 8

With the updated quality report in ContextCapture, you can quantify the accuracy of your work and better aligns it with RFP compliances. For planning of future capture missions, the report helps highlighting areas where you can increase the precision of your 3D model . Additionally, the recent update allows you to fast track the production of your 3D models with up to 15% faster process speed. And check out the Acute3D Viewer for more measurement options such as the new “survey feet” to meet American surveyors’ needs. Learn more about these recent updates in the tutorial videos:

ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 8 also includes the following improvements:

Editing your reality data is now easier with ContextCapture Editor – Update 2

Streamline your workflows by directly accessing and streaming your reality meshes from ProjectWise ContextShare. You can easily extract features and analyze your reality data to perform calculate volume, extract ground, flatten areas, and more.  

With the latest update, you can quickly create Scalable Mesh from terrain data and drape aerial imagery to enhance the display. And you can quickly compare point clouds with reality meshes when you display point clouds in cross section views using only a cut plane.

Check out new Scalable Mesh creation tutorial video