Leverage reality meshes, terrain models, and point clouds in your workflows with ContextCapture Editor

Interested in editing your Reality Modeling data using ContextCapture?

ContextCapture Editor, a 3D CAD based on PowerDraft, allows you to leverage reality meshes, terrain models, and point clouds made of billions of points and triangles for use in information modeling workflows.

Take advantage of ContextCapture Editor, a module included with ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center.

This powerful application can be used to extract features from both point clouds and reality meshes, extract ground models and ortho images from reality meshes, and extract ground models and classify ground points from point clouds.  You can extract terrain model from reality meshes or point clouds to deliver data compliant with legacy tools and workflows.

Key Reality Modeling Workflow Features: 

  • Mesh Retouching – Enable productivity of higher quality meshes gain with limited clicks and better ergonomic and provides greater scalability
  • Generate Cross Sections with Reality Meshes – Enable easy analysis of 3D Reality Mesh through x-sections and to simplify 3D modeling and feature extraction to do measurements in x-sections
  • Extract Terrain Model from Reality Meshes or Point Clouds – Automatic extraction of Terrain points from a point cloud or a Reality Mesh as Classified Point Clouds and/or TIN file
  • Breaklines Extraction from Reality Mesh – Enable the creation of breaklines for better terrain model definition
  • Orthophoto Generation on Any Axis – Create highly portable/ interoperable deliverables and produce vertical orthoimages to be draped on terrain model and consumed in design workflows
  • Real-Time Mesh Classification – Allows access to business information about assets in a 3D realistic environment
  • ContextCapture Editor integrates Reality modeling data and engineering data to produce deliverables as i-models, 3D PDF and Ortho Images in any direction.

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