ContextCapture has even more to offer with the latest release!


Download (version the latest ContextCapture today take advantage of new enhancements throughout the workflow from acquisition to final production. You can immediately:


  1. Make use of even wider variety of sensor types such as fisheye cameras for wider field of views and use videos as an input format
  2. Get greater control over input information and enjoy improved aerial triangulation step efficiency
  3. Streamline the management of camera information across projects with a new camera database
  4. Speed processing by better leveraging information acquired with positioning systems with additional import capabilities for camera poses
  5. Get better quality textures with new texturing algorithm
  6. Speed model display performance for city-scale models with new export options


Download the latest version of ContextCapture today—and tell your colleagues and friends.


Also, if you haven’t tried MicroStation CONNECT Edition yet, download it from SELECTservices today to see how easy it is to natively open and work within the context of your ContextCapture 3MX models.