Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 20.4

We're please to announce the release 20.4 of Orbit 3D Mapping solutions.

Take advantage of a simplified, user-friendly desktop interface

  • Easily measure in 2D or 3D in any map, tab, or view using the measurement sidebar or when using the asset inventory procedures.
  • Enjoy an intuitive and intelligible interface requiring less interaction when using the 3DM Viewer.


Save time and improve your feature extraction workflows

  • Quickly create new layers for feature extraction in your centralized database to efficiently organize and manage all extracted features from multiple operators in a single database.
  • Easily import your results of any feature extraction extension from the dataset list into an asset inventory theme to quality control, report and export results (road clearances, pole detection, clash detection, etc.).
  • Export point cloud of a any slice view into any supported point cloud format.
  • Open and link your projects with 3rd party application like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Google Earth.

Easily manage large amounts of data

  • Speed your data processing by sending more and multiple tasks to the task manager. Maximize the use of 3DM Content Manager to prepare your data for the 3DM Publisher and 3DM Cloud.
  • Better manage your data in the 3DM Viewer using the new timelines feature. Quickly filter your resources per view by time and easily detect changes over time.
  • Stream large amounts of data organized as dynamic resource groups from the 3DM Publisher and 3DM Cloud.

Stay tuned on upcoming new features by activating the beta functionalities in the desktop products!

Learn more about the complete list of the new features available in version 20.4 and earlier versions.