Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 20.5

We're pleased to announce the release of version 20.5 of Orbit 3DM Publisher and Cloud solutions.

Take advantage of a user-friendly and intuitive 3DM Viewer interface

  • Get easier access and better visualization of your 3D mapping content with a condensed and re-looked interface enabling to quickly open new views and view available options.

    Save time with tooltips guiding you through the different options and functionalities available in the sidebar and menus.

Enjoy the upgrade of 3DM Publisher

Get access to the same functionalities no matter you’re using 3DM Publisher or 3DM Cloud with the addition of features available in 3DM Cloud: the fly sidebar, the tags for resources and resources groups, the option to set a maximum number of concurrent users to a publication, and resource visibility by time.

Learn more about the complete list of the new features available in version 20.5 and earlier versions.