Orbit 3D Mapping solutions - New version 21.1

We're pleased to announce the full Orbit 3DM product portfolio release of version 21.1.

A lot of new features and improvements raise the Orbit 3DM products to a next level, ready to challenge 2021 requirements and expectations for managing, extraction features, and web sharing of reality data resources.

  •  Orbit 3DM Content Manager

Automated data imports, newly supported formats, workflows to directly import image Exif headers and E57 resources, advanced insights on your point cloud, and mapping resources are just some of the new features added to the 3DM Content Manager.

The product is becoming inevitable to manage your large-scale mapping programs.

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic, Standard, Pro and Client/Server

Newly developed database connections, measurements to get poles and its utility attachments & metadata properly stored, workflows to review and update your tree inventory database, and procedures to visualize your AI detected features empower the Feature Extraction products.

  •  Orbit 3DM Publisher, Cloud, Viewer, and Plugins

A lot of effort was done to improve the user experience, facilitate access to vector data objects, customize the display of reality resource footprints, and increase the performance to manage and stream extremely large projects.

The Publisher backend can be configured to log all activity and a new 3DM Viewer plugin has been developed for Bentley's iTwin platform.

 If you would like to learn in details about version 21.1, please visit https://orbitgt.com/kb/whats_new and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to see more.