Orbit 3DM solutions - New version 21.4

We're pleased to announce the full Orbit 3DM product portfolio release of version 21.4.

This new version includes improvements of existing features and new tools and extensions to:

  • Improve the navigation in the software and though the data
  • Ease the management of different mapping resources
  • Update our supported formats

    Support for a statewide linear referencing system, Copyright HERE
  •  Orbit 3DM Content Manager 
    • Improve your workflow! The functionalities for mobile, aerial and oblique mapping are now available for the "Blur & Erase", "Consolidation", and "Post Collection Calibration" extensions .
    • Take advantage of a simplified catalog tab and extension that display more detailed information.
    • Save time with a streamlined workflow when you connect to ContextShare and switch between projects. Upload faster your data to 3DM Cloud or ContextShare via multi-threading.

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction
    • Compare point clouds over time and visualize the added or removed points using the new "Point cloud change detection" extension.
    • Enjoy improvements on existing features: cable detection, pole attachments, trees, image annotation to objects and box measurements.

  •  Orbit 3DM Publisher, Cloud, Viewer, and Plugins
    • Build a platform for data consultation using our new improvements such as adding hyperlink to annotations, saving annotations in publication, downloading snapshots via URL, downloading full images and point clouds, or setting the image play-through quality.
    • Easily navigate using shortkeys and the possibility to lock the rotating point.

If you would like to learn in details about version 21.4, please visit https://orbitgt.com/kb/whats_new and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to see more.