Pointools Point Cloud Gallery 2007 - 2012

Some of the highlights from the Pointools User Forum Gallery, some really nice work from the users.  Thank you.

A User Gallery of movies can be found here: www.youtube.com/pointoolssoftware

19th June 2007

These are part of a set of images kindly provided to us by Alejandro Marambio of the University of Catalonia, Barcelona. 

The original images were created at a resolution of 4000x3000 and a layered approach was use to highlight the section line in red.  

See more here: http://lmvc-cpsv.wix.com/lmvc

7th August 2007

Country House - Nick Blenkarn, Severn Partnership http://www.severnpartnership.com

22nd August 2007

Tossa de Mar, Spain - Alejandro Marambio http://lmvc-cpsv.wix.com/lmvc

10th Spetember 2010

Site to CAD - Michael Gallagher, SEP Ltd http://www.sepltd.com/

11th February 2011

Plant Room - Dan Haga, Direct Dimensions http://www.directdimensions.com/

8th March 2011 Edge Lighting - Nick Russill, TerraDat http://www.terradat.co.uk/

Great example of the edge shader

17th March 2009 (1st post)

Lamborghini Reventon - Dan Haga

The most viewed topic on the old User Forum at over 18000 views, this project also made it into 3D Artist magazine.