Reality Data Web Viewer - August 2022 Release


The following improvements have been made to Annotations:

  • Search bar to filter annotations by Name, Condition or Description.
  • Annotation icons in the Annotation widget’s list are now colored.
  • Annotations can now be copied or moved to different Reality Data.


4D Navigation

The following improvements have been made to the 4D Navigation:

  • The thickness of the 4D Navigation timeline has been increased, making it easier to see short-duration acquisitions.
  • The date selection cursor is not automatically snapping to the nearest acquisition date on the timeline, ensuring that a valid selection date is always selected.


Width Measure Tool

A new measurement tool has been added, allowing you to take accurate horizontal dimensions between two objects.


Dark Theme

A new user preference has been added to the Reality Data Web Viewer, letting you choose between the new Dark or existing Light theme.