Reality Data Web Viewer - June 2022 Release

Annotations Color

It is now possible to customize the color of Annotation pins and boxes, making it easier to visually interpret an annotation’s meaning without having to look at their properties. For example, color codes can be implemented to represent an object’s type or a defect’s severity.

Map Layers

The functionality to display Bing Maps as a background map has been moved from the Reality Data widget to a new Map Layers widget. In addition to managing display of Bing Maps, the Map Layers widget additionally allows to leverage addition GIS data from ArcGIS, WMS or WMTS servers.

Dockable Widgets

Position of widgets such as Reality Data, Map Layers and Annotations can be customized. In the below example, the "Map Layers" widget is floating, the "Annotations" widget is docked into the left-hand panel and the “Reality Data” widget is docked into the right-hand panel. For more information, have a look at the "Widgets" section in the User Interface Concepts and Navigation wiki page.


Behavior Standardization in Visual Comparison tools

Selection of Reality Data to display in Swipe View layouts is now done from dedicated tabs in the Reality Data widget or from the 4D Navigation timeline, making the Visual Comparison workflow consistent across all View Layouts.