Save time, increase accuracy, and improve team collaboration with ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 13

We are pleased to announce that ContextCapture CONNECT Edition - Update 13 is available!

Save time with the latest capabilities!

  • Easily create April tags for automatic geo-registration of ground control points when you capture data using a drone. Create tags in ContextCapture Master and use these tags during the drone flight. Your reality data is automatically georeferenced during data processing, with no requirement for manually created ground control points. Watch tutorial video.
  • Automatically detect scanner position when using static scan data to generate your 3D mesh.
  • Achieve a smoother workflow for road and rail projects with native support of snake grid format.
  • Leverage automatic detection thanks to latest machine learning improvements (Join early access program now).

Improve the accuracy of your 3D models!

  • Quickly understand your 3D-scene immediately after aerotriangulation using the display of quality report metrics feature. Easily assess the quality of your acquisition and detect any flaws to determine requirements for additional images to improve the accuracy of your 3D mesh.
  • Generate accurate 3D meshes with robust aerotriangulation for improved accuracy at the alignment stage.

Easily share your data and improve team collaboration!

  • Directly publish your reality meshes, images and aerotriangulation results from ContextCapture Master to ProjectWise ContextShare. Securely manage, share, and stream reality meshes, and their input sources, across project teams and applications. Improve team productivity and collaboration in this connected data environment.