How to add google earth or google map into LumenRT

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Please How to add google earth or google map into LumenRT? I have my model in IFC file I want upload it into LumenRT?


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  • To Capture a Google Earth Image

    1. Set up a Google Earth view displaying the required area.

    2. Select the Capture Google Earth Image tool.

    3. Enter a data point to capture the current Google Earth view.

    Note: The use of the Google Earth images is restricted by the Google Earth License Agreement. 
    Consult this document to insure that your use of these images does not violate the restrictions.   

    You can access this tool from the following:

    • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Geographic > Capture Google Earth Image
    • Toolbox: Geographic


    (The above information is directly from the MicroStation Connect help.)

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