ContextCapture Engine freezing

Hello, I know that in the user manual it is stated that switching users will cause the engine to fail. However it isn't mentioned anywhere if locking Windows will cause any issues. I have tried to process datasets overnight on my computer and it would seem that sometime after Windows locks the computer due to inactivity, that the computer will actually totally freeze/lock up and will become unresponsive. The only solution at that point is to do a hard reset on the computer. I am able to process the job if I keep the computer from becoming idle for too long, but this defeats the point of being able to process jobs overnight or remotely. I am looking at installing the engine on a remote computer, but since it will be remote, I want to make sure that this does not continue to be a concern whenever Windows locks the computer. I know that on my computer (and likely the remote computer that I will be using), there are certain features that are managed by my site administrators and even though I have admin rights, I am unable to make certain changes. This is one reason I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone has encountered this or knows how I can prevent it from happening in the future.


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