How do I change the measurement units in Acute3D web viewer?

I created a 3D mesh for web viewing and the client has requested that the displayed units of measurement be changed to display feet instead of meters.  I don't see an option to do this in the webviewer or the desktop application.  Are the displayed units of measurement locked to the spatial reference system of the model? If so what reference system do I use to display imperial units and can I change this without regenerating the models (these were large models that took several days to process in ContextCapture)?


  • Joe,

    As far as I can tell, the viewer will only show measurements in meters. On the Coordinate tab of the Measurements dialog you can select a Spatial Reference System(SRS). The coordinates displayed will be based on the selected reference system, but the measurements on the other tabs are always in meters.

    All of the measurement units should match those of the selected SRS, but only the coordinates seem to take the SRS into account.

    Bentley needs to fix this!