Context capture


I am having Nadir and Oblique areal images  , aerial Lidar data and Mobile lidar data with lady bug camera RGB images for the same area.

1. Can I perform triangulation for both Nadir and Oblique at the same time in context capture . Or do  I need to perform separately and then merge the projects.

2. Is it possible to generate the Mesh from Lidar cloud and generate DSM and use the RGB data to create the city models

3. Does Context capture allows to generate Building models of LOD 1 to LOD 4 without any manual work which normally we perform using photogrammetry techniques

4. Does the façade are automatically attached from the photo library or any manual intervention required.

5. approximate time required to generate 3 D city model for a 1000 area with about 10 K building

Appreciate your earliest clarification



  • 1. Nadir and Oblique images will process together.

    2. Yes

    3. I believe so but will let someone else confirm.

    4. If the angle is not too great between aerial and lower ground images, the process can be automatic.  If not a couple locations can be tied together for a cohesive mesh model.

    5. The speed of our software improves with each release.  The recommended option would be to use ContextCapture Center Edition to spread your processing time across multiple computers.  Your computer specs will have an impact on speed.


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  • Dear Kurt Rasmussen
    Thanks for clarifications . Could you please suggest minimum  Hardware configuration Context Capture Center Edition based on your experience. We may go with little bit higher side configuration once you suggest
    If someone in your team (any part of the world) can provide possibility of LOD data capture , if will be great
    Is it possible to provide budgetary pricing for context capture  and context capture editer