Reconstruction constraints for water - Override the 3D construction

The reconstruction constraints for water appear a bit useless. According to the help file it only fills in holes in the model. Usually I'm not concerned about areas missing data over water, but more concerned with the large lumps that are constructed in the water surface.

In my example below I have added a constraint area from a KML for a mesh of a river and road. The constraint has filled in the area to the right of the model, but has left untouched the mountain of water that is the river.

What is the best way to override the 3D construction of water areas?

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  • Hi Sean,

    According to the ContextCapture help, you can define the region of interest for reconstruction with a KML file. 

    Context Capture Help:
    If the reconstruction is georeferenced, an extruded polygon can be used to define the area more precisely from a KML file. Click on the button Import from KML to specify the region of interest from a KML file. The KML file only defines a 2D polygon: top and bottom height can be defined from the interface.

    If you define the KML to avoid the water area it would leave that area out of the reconstruction. You could then create a seperate surface to fill the water area void and apply an appropriate material to it so it looks like water.