Custom Vertical Coordinate System(AHD), AUSGeoid09 Models


I am setting up our ContextCapture workflow with out new PPK enabled UAV. I am able to get an output but it's not lining up with GCPS or liking the Australian Coordinate Systems (AHD Heights).

Ideally we would fly our mission PPK process the images to be within a cm or 2 process in context and derive our 3D content.

Item 1 Vertical Coordinate system: (RESOLVED)

I'm having some issues creating a custom vertical coordinate system and utilise the more accurate local GEOID model as per the support document and forum posts.

  • I have downloaded the appropriate Geoid model(AUSGeoid09_V1.01.gsb). Ausgeoid converts elipsoidal heights to MSL in Australia. 
  • converted it to gtx using the GDAL tools
  • Added a line for vertcs.csv and can see this in the "override vertical coordinate system"
  • I was getting the message "This spatial reference system is not adapted to this area" when I try to select "WGS84 and AHD"  and the OK button is disabled. NOW RESOLVED this was due to the .gtx file being incorrectly created into a 4 band image.

Now resolved the I Files used:




Regards Graham Wood(Newcastle City Australia)