section tool

I am cutting sections through point clouds to create plan and elevation drawings. When I cut thin sections I get nice crisp detail on the point cloud where it is sliced, but of course I can only see what is in the slice. If I cut thicker sections I can see more but my slice is mushy due to out of plumb walls etc. Ideally I would like to cut a thin slice and move it up and down as I create my line work but the only way I've found to move my section is to select it and use the move tool to reposition it. When I do that the line work I've drawn is left at the location of the section at each move. Is there a way to keep the line work with the section as I move it? Alternatively, is there a way to change the thickness of the section while you are working in it so that you can get a clean cut through the walls with a thin section, but then open up the view to see a wider view that includes more details? 

I'm working in Context Capture Editor Connect update 2.