Remove Ground Control Point after creating a 3SM

I ran a large project with 9200 photos and 15 ground control points. The mesh looks good except at one of the GCPs there is a hill that doesn't belong. I don't think I picked that point very well and it may have caused the anomaly.  I believe that I need to remove the GCP at that location and rerun the project. When I go to the Edit Control Points Editor it is in read only mode. It took 7 days to run this project. Is my only choice to rerun from scratch and wait another 7 days for the results?

  • Clone the block .. fix your AT in the area .. you can then run the tile(s) with the same tiling, SRS, origin and so forth .. export the tiles as OBJ and bring back in to the other production as a tile(s) edit to fix the reference mesh .. re-run your 3MX.

    You probably want to do a few surrounding tiles to make sure the edges blend etc for colour and geometry.

    Other users may offer a different solution - keen to hear any improvements myself.