Publishing 3MX models to web via Acute 3D viewer app


I have recently started creating 3MX models through context capture and would now like to publish them to my website [ I have 4 or 5 good ones]

I have documentation from Bentley [3mx web deployment] which seems to be written for web developers not the layman

I would like to store my models on Amazon S3 and have the acute 3d app on my website .. can anyone help me as following the documentation from Bentley has got me two weeks of NO WHERE !

  • Just put the lot on Amazon .. there is no "app" per se .. it is just javascript that still runs client side. So the clients are just downloading files as far as they are concerned.

    On your web site you can create a link to the the \app\index.html file ..

    You could in theory embed via an IFRAME .. although never tried it - in this way you might wrap it on pages within your web site.

    If you create the app at time of production, everything is in the correct place relative to each other.

    The files (3MX, json) are just text .. you can open in notepad and change a few things like titles etc.

    You can change jpg/png files to your own logos for branding.

    Hard to write a definitive guide - but start just getting the files to amazon and try the index.html in your browser for starters .. you can tweak from there.