Importing Rotations - Different Camera XYZ


I am trying to work with camera positions and rotations exported from Applanix POSPac software and have run into an issue. 

The omega-phi-kappa angles from POSPac rotate from the mapping frame X(E), Y(N), Z(up) to the photo frame: X(pointing to right of photo), Y(pointing to left, Z(pointing up from ground to image).

When imported into ContextCapture, the images are all looking up towards the sky. There is obviously a difference in how the POSPac rotation is defined, and what Bentley is expecting however I cannot find any documentation of what Bentley is expecting to further troubleshoot.

Any tips would be great,

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  • There are quite a few things that can cause a different reference frame. Often we have data from a UAV with LiDAR and camera unit combined. The camera is at a 90° kappa cardinal rotation to the IMU. This should be noted by the manufacturer of your system when they have done the boresight calibration. This is set in the Camera Exterior Orientation window in Pospac. After trajectory processing we use the Exterior Orientation Processor export button with a custom template (this has omega, phi & kappa as exported in the previous setup). On import the correct orientations are - in our case - defined by using: Angles; Omega; Phi; Kappa; Camera orientation; X left, Y down.