Failed: Simplifying 3D Mesh... Error

Hello All,

A couple of my tiles keep failing with the error message of  "Failed: Simplifying 3D mesh..." and I am not sure why.

In the past I asked about this and posted the error log file and it ended up being memory issues, I was setting the max memory usage too high and once I adjusted this it stopped happening.

Although after this new update to Center 11 it is happening again, but even when I don't overdue the max memory. Is it still a memory issue? I have a setup with a threadripper, and 3 nodes. The threadripper has 64gb of memory while all the nodes have 32gb. I set the max memory usage to 19gb... I feel like this is more than enough leeway for CC, yet I still keep receiving the same failure.

Is there something else that is going on? Here is the log file. Thank you!