Workflow of Ground Extraction and editing STM

Hi, is there any information teaching/explaining the workflow process to edit an STM and convert that edited STM to a TIN file. I established a reality mesh in context capture, performed a ground extraction on it, established an STM, when I view the triangles on the STM there were many artifacts to be cleaned up and breaklines to be incorporated into it. I edited the STM to fix these and successfully added breaklines on curbs, and eventually converted the STM to just a Terrain Model. However when I went to produce a new TIN model the artifacts were back in there making me think that I just performed a ground extraction on the original (unedited) reality mesh and none of my edits to the STM were incorporated.

Here are my specific questions:

1. Is the ground extraction performed off of the reality mesh (SM), the STM, or the TM?

2. What is the reason we need to convert the STM to a TM if ground extraction is not produced off the TM?

3. Everytime I produce a new ground extraction a new scaleable mesh is produced, should I be performing the new ground extraction on this (the new SM appears to be a blank shape)?

Here is a screenshot of my roadway with the edits incorporated, this is after it was converted to a TM

  • 1. Ground extraction is performed on the Reality Mesh (3mx or 3sm) or Point Cloud

    2. STM is only readable from CC Editor or Descartes.  A Terrain Model (TM) can be viewed by most Bentley applications

    3. Ground Extraction should only be performed once.

    What is your next process with the Terrain Model?

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