Issue with OpenRoads Designer reading the georeference of my 3mx file.

I'm attempting to bring a .3mx file into ORD so that I may convert it into a TIN file. I'll explain my steps as well as where the error with georeferencing begins, along with some screen shots.

1) Create a .3mx file, with the Production set to export using my local State Plane system: NAD 83 / North Carolina (ftUS) (EPSG:2264) as its SRS.

2) In ORD, I set my Geographic Coordinate System to match my CC Production export SRS: NAD 83 / North Carolina (ftUS) (EPSG:2264)

3) "Attach Mesh" --> Select my file --> Make sure "Attach and Apply Geographic Coordinate System" is checked --> "OK"

4) I am prompted with a warning message that my Mesh is displayed in a different Coordinate System and that existing geometry will be effected. 

Any ideas on why ORD is not reading the GCS of my .3mx correctly?

In addition to this error, when I look at my .3mx file in the Reality Mesh Attachments menu, my GeoCS is set to none. Have I not set my Coordinate System already by choosing to "Attach and Apply Geographic Coordinate System"?

Thanks in advance.


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