Extract seed points.

In this model the seed points created do not touch the ground, they are above or below the surface of the model, they are usually groups of three points only aligned at several places of the model away from each other.

Next, there are the seed points created with the model visible or not.

I have deleted the job several times and imported from scratch the .3mx model to the editor, I have tried to reduce the analysis of the model from 0.9m to 4.00 m., but the same thing happens.

An other  couple of images below again to show the problem.

The version ot the editor is shown below.


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  • I use seed points for ground extraction. 

    3SM from reality mesh is a surface with geometry that I don't know how to use in a third party topographic cad software. 
    Point clouds are too heavy for me.

    The goal is a light simplified 2 and 1/2 d ground information, to produce contour lines be printed to a parer, made by seed points and other break lines that are extracted from the 3d model.

    Contour lines as a 3d polylines would be ok also but consisted of 3d points, not thousands of them.

    A simplified ground is the result to achieve using a software that cannot use 3d face but polylines and points only.