"Engine Failure" error while Production/ Point cloud Processing! How to fix it?

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We are from Zain drone/Zain Group Kuwait. We are using Bentley for post couple of years. Recently we are getting continuous error on while processing Point clouds in Production. The error indicates called "Engine failure - While doing point cloud processing"

We already contacted Bentley communities and got some suggestion to resolve the issues, like Upgrade or Downgrade and Unclick Vulkan also. We tried with all of internal possibilities still we have the same issues, and for your information, presently we are processing some deadline projects , Need to be submit on time data for client. Unfortunately we stuck now due to this error.

And More the latest version is not available in English language, attached reference for you, shows only in Japanese.

We need your quick support to fix this issues as soon as possible.

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Thank you.



   0825.Production_1-point cloud.zip