Photo and Point Cloud Match Problem

Hello, I'm Ahn Soonhye uk, working in a company in Korea

I'm leaving a message because of the matching issue between the photo and the point cloud

I work with drones and mirrorless Leica scanners

However, the position of the drone and the position of the scanner are separated and matched due to the level problem

Scan data is e57 and merged data with noise and region already erased

Give them a hand.

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  • Aren't the two correct coordinates? I'm curious.

    Coordinate systems from GPS are the same on WGS84 but accuracy is not. Without RTK the DJI drone has consumer grade GNSS with accuracy in meters and vertical accuracy is relative(doesn't use GPS at all but takes altitude from barometer). Scanner is more accurate because you set scanner on known location.

    That is why you need to align them using GCPs or align with aerotriangulation

    As you said, I made a tutorial video Could you take a look and point out the wrong options or methods?

    None of your data has real coordinates as I see from video. Photos are from camera without GPS and point clouds are in local coordinates. It even warns you in 3D view that coordinate mismatch is detected.

    If they are not set in same coordinates you need to create so called fake GCPs and use that. Just read some coordinates from point clouds and use that as Survey points for photos then it will be in same place and can be used for reconstruction. Alignment step adjusting photos to point clouds then won't be needed.