Export POD to LAS with descartes, density question


If I wan´t to convert POD to LAS with 1:1 regarding point number result (10000 points i POD and 10000 points in LAS), do I have to change density to zero (0) or let tit be on default value 100?


  • Hi Again

    I tested this and the value must be 100 on density to get the same amount of points in LAS as in POD:

    Original LAS file: LAS_Odenplan(.las) konverted to LAS_Odenplan pod (.pod). Then Converted POD to LAS with density 100 (LAS_Odenplan pod (.pod) to LAS från POD Odenplan (.las)) and the size is back same as the original LAS_Odenplan(.las)


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