Merge Nadir and oblique datasets to generate 3D mesh of Plateau

Hi all , I have 2 datasets for a plateau and ,I want to generate  a mesh .
first dataset is nadir  taken by Wingtra  with Gcps , the second oblique taken by m300 with RTK 
the total images I have is 16K pcs
I have context capture master  with license limitation 6000 pic .
so what should i do ? 

I tried to split plateau  to 4 parts  so each of  part  has  all nadir and part of oblique 
, and for each part in first step i use all nadir with gcps then i extend it by oblique , the result is great oblique and nadir merged 100%  for each part 
but the problem is when i try to merge the  4 parts i found there is a shift  i always use gcps as constraint.