Error Context Capture when trying to submit aerotriangulation

I a have updated context capture and now I am getting a error message when I try to submit aerotriangulation (error message failed to submit aerotriangulation) . Then I show click on details it says ( job queue defined).

  • This is the error message from Context Capture Engine

    Welcome to ContextCapture Desktop Update 19.1 - v10.19.1.45
    Processing the following task types: AI AT RasterProduction TileProduction
    [2022-04-30 08:07:54.775][error ][SqliteWrapper] Could not create database C:\Users\plati\Documents\Bentley\ContextCapture Desktop\Jobs\JobQueue.db
    [2022-04-30 08:07:54.775][error ][JobTaskMgrDB] Failed to create JobQueue database
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