creating control points for a point cloud alignment/AT alignment.

Hi, I recently read about creating Control Points to make Fake GCPs to align a AT to a point cloud. I am unsure how to add the control points to a point cloud. I have used the process to merge ATs, but since there aren't any photos in the point cloud or match ones I could create in the AT. I am unsure how to define points in the point cloud. In the 3d window the point cloud is only selectable as a whole and not individual points.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

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  • Thanks Oto for the response. I am a bit closer, but seem to be doing something incorrectly. I have listed the steps I went through .

    I was able to create the control points with the measure tool in the point cloud. 

    - I copied the xyz values to the coordinate fields to create a control point.

    - After I got 3 points. I exported it to a text file. I then imported it into my AT.

    - I defined the same points as the point cloud using at least 3 photos for each point.

    -  I ran to AT. And did a merge block with the point cloud block with the control points I created.

    - Did not see the point cloud in the merge block even with it turned on in the 3d view, so I ran an AT on the merged block.

    - Still did not see Point cloud in the 3d window with it turned on. 

    - Recon is ghosted out on the merged block before and after I ran the AT.

    Am I missing something in my process?