AT Incorrect Position

I am trying to get my head around of what is happening and how to resolve

The dataset was captured using M300 with P1 camera. During flight RTK was lost so i landed and waited for RTK to re-initiate and resumed mission. In the exif the std quality is less than 10cm.

When i load the dataset in CCD v20 the images are position correctly visually, see image below. After i process the dataset the second part of the dataset gets shifted 5m approximately. I tried all possible combinations trying to resolve this but with no luck.

A thing that really worries me is that quality report of CC shoes that the position uncertainties are less than 1cm and the position to distance metadata is up to 5.5m which means it ignores the RTK positions. 

The production model results were compared with survey grade GNSS receiver and the model is incorrect in all axis.

Anybody has any suggestion how to resolve this or why this is happening?

If it did not compare the CC model with a survey grade GNSS received i wouldn't notice it.  

The dataset and quality report can be downloaded using the links below.

A. Positioning/georeferencing:
- Adjustment constraints: photo positioning metadata
- Final rigid registration: none

B. Main settings:
- Key point density: Normal
- Tags or QR Codes extraction: Disabled
- Pair selection mode: Default
- Color correction: disabled
- Splats: Enabled

C. Estimation policies:
- Tie points: Compute
- Position: Compute
- Rotation: Compute
- Pre-calibration stage: Disabled
- Focal length: Adjust
- Principal point: Adjust
- Radial distortion: Adjust
- Tangential distortion: Adjust
- Aspect ratio: Keep
- Skew: Keep

Before and After AT

Quality Report