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We are going through the process of removing Microstation J and moving up to V8i. (We have used XM for a while but didn't like IRASB as it kept on locking raster layers).


Anyway. Some of the older attached cit raster files we have, won't dispaly correctly if we open up that file in V8. It can either be stretched or squished. This can be fixed by reattaching the cit but in our business this is not feesable as we have thousands of raster drawings.


Is there a way to upgrade a dgn with a cit attached and keep the cit raster looknig the same without having to reattach each one individually?


The only option I can see is to keep the dgns with raster attached as VJ (so if people look at them in our viewer it will still look correct) and only upgrade when people work on them, where they will have to reattach?


Cheers in Advance



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