Please add your idea for something that you believe would make Context Capture | Descartes | Orbit better. Please also include why you think the idea would be beneficial – specific use case scenarios often are the best way to do that. Continue to vote and comment to bring the best ideas to the top. We appreciate your suggestions.

What happens after I submit an idea? 

Your idea will be reviewed by the product management team and the status will be updated accordingly. Please see the definitions of the different states below.  

  • Needs review – This is the status assigned to an idea when it is initially submitted. Your idea will remain in this state while our product teams assess the value, impact, and strategic fit. Users can vote or comment on this idea when this status has been applied.  
  • Future consideration – When your idea has been reviewed by the product team and is considered a valid idea, but it is not ready to be scheduled or implemented yet, this status will be applied. Your idea will be reviewed, and it may be considered for a future release. Users can continue to vote or comment on this idea when this status has been applied.  
  • Already exists – Great news! The proposed idea is already available for this Bentley product. A comment will be added by our product teams explaining what the feature is with a link to the associated documentation. 
  • Planned – When an idea has been validated by the product teams and will be included in an upcoming product release, this status will apply. No timeline will be provided in this instance as the idea could be dependent on certain technical pre-requisites. 
  • Will not implement – While we very much welcome all ideas that are submitted by our users, this status is applied when an idea does not garner enough support from peers, does not align with the product strategy, or is not technically feasible at this time. Please feel free to rework and resubmit your idea based on the feedback received. 
  • Shipped – Your idea has been implemented in a version release!  We will add a comment explaining what the feature is and we will provide a link to documentation. 

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