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[Contextcapture] point cloud size limit

The current 500M points size limit in ContextCapture non-Center edition is too low. This is helping Autodesk Recap sales as in case when large merged  E57 point cloud(exported from ReCap) is received from surveyors(with one building as interior and exterior) then if the Point Cloud is too large it is not possible to process it in CC. As there is no option to reduce PointCloud density in Contextcapture then it must be preprocessed. Problem is that when preprocessing poincloud the station locations are lost. Only option is to use ReCap to try to export each scan separately. It is more cost-effective to get ReCap than to move to CC Center edition only because of that. The limit should  be increased to 1000M points as it no more uncommon to get 500M from one scanned object.

  • Latest option in Update 13 to automatically find scan location which is lost on point cloud convert doesn't help much as it only finds one location per scan so combined scans which contain multiple locations are still not usable.